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        5th grade team  
    Pictured (L-R):  Mr. Andrew Wilson, Ms. Lauren McMahon, Miss Kaylee White, Mrs. Michelle Carroway

    We can't wait to have ALL our students back on campus with us!

    5th grade level

    Love, Peace, and Superhero Poses!


    Our Fifth Grade team is dedicated and hardworking!  From serving in leadership positions in the school to connecting with families in their homes, our team has worked diligently to push our students to succeed this year.  We strive to help each child reach their full potential, despite the global pandemic!  We know that our students can and will persevere through this. 


    Our Fifth Grade team is very close and connected.  We work as a unit and support each other through everything!  While we love to work hard, we love to laugh as well!  We believe that being connected and working well together makes a great environment for our students and is conducive to success for our teaching and learning as well.  

Last Modified on June 30, 2021