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    1st Semester:                                                            2nd Semester:
    1 Period: Advanced Functions and Modeling           1 Period: Math 3 Honors
    2 Period: Planning                                                    2 Period: Planning
    3 Period: Advanced Functions and Modeling           3 Period: Pre-Calculus Honors
    4 Period: Math 3                                                       4 Period: Math 3 Honors
    Materials Needed:                                                      
    1.  3-5 Subject Spiral Notebook OR Binder and Loose Leaf Paper   
    2.  Pencils (NO Pens)
    Grading Policy:
    Your grade will be based on your total points divided by the total possible and the decimal moved
    two places to the right. Homework checks will be averaged together as a test grade, and it is checked
    based on completion not correctness. 
    Test           count twice x2                                                
    Quizzes      count once  x1                                        
    Homework  count twice x2 (Averaged together as a Test Grade)                                   
    Owning a TI-84 Plus calculator is strongly suggested. 
    Homework will be less time consuming with the aid of a graphing calculator. 
    Each student is assigned a calculator to be used in class. 
    Class Rules:
    1. BE RESPECTFUL to everyone.
    2. BE PREPARED for class.
    3. PARTICIPATE in class.
    4. NO FOOD/DRINK allowed in class.
    5. NO CELL PHONES allowed in class.
    6. ALL EDHS RULES APPLY in and out of the classroom.
    General Information:
    • All work to be turned into the teacher is REQUIRED to be compled in pencil.
    • Making up missed assignments and class notes is the responsibility of the student.
    • Missed assignments will be located in the appropriate MAKE UP WORK folder for your period.
    • Participation in class discussions is expected.
    • Sleeping in class is NOT tolerated, and will be dealt with immediately.
    • Food and Drink is NOT allowed in class, and will be thrown away immediately upon entrance to the classroom.
    • Homework is assigned nightly, and is graded on completion NOT correctness. 
    • In order to master the subject content, the work must be completed in full. 
    • Completing the homework is crucial to your success in this class.
    • Grades are not given, they are earned. 
    • The responsibility of performing at the highest level of the student is expected, and is the responsibility of the student.
    • All East Duplin High School rules apply.
Last Modified on March 26, 2020