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    Name:Mark Lane
    Subject(s):English 1 and 2
    Welcome to my homepage.  I teach English 1 and 2 at East Duplin.
    I am also the Girl's Varsity Basketball Coach and the Boy's Tennis Coach. 
    Parents please contact me by email if you need to discuss your son or daughter.
    My email is mlane@duplinschools.net
    You may call me at school 910-298-4535.  The best time to reach me is
    after 1:30 each day. 
    Go Panthers!
    What we do in English 1 and 2!
    We read, we write, we think.  Each student has a voice and I do my best to make sure
    that each one is heard.  I encourage lots of participation.  
    Our day starts with Grammar--everyday.  We then do some type of writing/reading activity
    to engage student thinking.  Classroom talk is very important.  No--not the students talking about
    anything they want; students should be talking about the topic at hand.  
    The majority of the homework in this class is READING!  We do not have enough time in class to
    read all of our curriculum.  Some outside reading is required.  Students should be reading at least 20 minutes
    3-4 times a week.  I give a quiz on almost every reading assignment.  I find that the students who struggle in my class
    simply do not spend 20 minutes reading each night.  
Last Modified on September 23, 2015