Regina Humphries
    1 period - Word and PowerPoint
    2 period - Adobe Visual Design
    3 period - Planning
    4 period - Word and PowerPoint
    Welcome to the World of Business!
    If you have a questions, there are 2 ways to contact me.  You may email or use Google Voice - 910.518.0070
    All information is posted on your child's CANVAS homepage about how to access Google Voice etc. I will send messages through email and/or use CANVAS that will remind students of tests, important dates, etc. 
    Parents email me if you have questions.  If your child has trouble signing into CANVAS, please email me immediately.  It is important they get logged in as soon as possible.
    It is very important that you child check their email and sign into my CANVAS class daily.  It would be wise for them to check their email more than once a day.
Last Modified on May 12, 2021