•  Parent/Community Involvement


    President ~ William Pope

    Vice President ~ 

    Treasurer ~ Angie Stroud

    Secretary ~ Krystal Knowles


    Welcome to our information page!

    Here you will find the latest opportunities to make a difference in our school.

    Whether you knew it as PTA or PTO when you were in school, this is the group that has an impact on the success of our school in many ways.



    PTO stands for Parent Teacher Organization

    Parents, Teachers, and Administrators joining forces to make our school work!

    Our primary focus is raising money to fill in the gaps of a tight budget AND volunteering throughout the building to help teachers and students.



    Volunteering is the greatest "no cost" way that you can help.

    You can come to the office and sign in to help in classrooms and the library.

    You could read with students who are struggling, help organize books in the library, and assist teachers in the classroom in countless ways.

    Let's face it, parents, our schools are different than they were when we were young. Budgets have been slashed so supplies are limited, support staff (like teacher assistant) positions have been eliminated and the number of students in each classroom is higher.



    Contact Brent Stafford, KES Principal, at 296-1647 or ask your child's classroom teacher what you can do to help.


Last Modified on January 27, 2020