• Hello Everybody,

    I hope you are well and doing everything you can to stay healthy! I just wanted to send out a quick note to my students and parents.  

    I want you to know that I miss each and every one of you dearly.  I miss our morning hugs, fist pumps, handshakes or simple hellos.  I miss Hannah's spunk, Andrew's ingenuity, Elijah's spark, Faith's smile, Angel's love for reading, Kaden's hugs,  Abby H's laugh, Bodie and James wanting to answer EVERY question, Devon's perseverance, Brianna's pictures, Kendonya's tic tok (yes I said it), Sully's stories and questions, Abby S.'s sweetness, Ethan's shared love of sports, and Djane's sweet personality.  I miss our read aloud, helping you with your snacks, the look in your eyes when the light comes on when you finally understand something that has been giving you problems, I miss hearing ya'll say "put it away, put it away, put it away now", our talks, having to get on ya'll for not putting your names on papers or being quiet but simply put I miss us!  I know this is not how we thought our third grade year would go but we will get through it and until we see each other again I have listed things that your child has already covered in class and should be brushing up on and I have included some websites and that will help them stay on task.

    I love you, I miss you dearly and hopefully we will be back at school soon! Keep in touch and Stay safe and wash your hands!!

    Mrs. Bledsoe


    In math please review multiplication tables 0-12, division problems, simple fractions, comparing simple fractions,  add and subtract problems up to four place values and over zeros, two step word problems (this is a biggie) and ask them to tell you the time of non digital clocks. As far as reading have your child read, read, read.  One of the web pages is great for books if they have already gone through what they have at the house.  Please work with your child with reading by asking questions about the stories or passages they have read such as but not limited to what is the main idea of the passage, who are the characters in the story and what problem did they have and how did they solve it?,  what is the cause and effect (if there is one) what happened first, next, last,etc.  This will help keep them on top of things we have already learned and ready for whatever the rest of the school year has to bring.    

    ****Also Parents STEAMA activities are great for learning!  Pinterest has LOTS of ideas in any of the STEAMA areas (S-SCIENCE, T-TECHNOLOGY, E-ENGINEERING, A-ARTS, M-MATH AND A-AGRICULTURE) *******


    Duplin County's website for learning



    Other websites that are good for learning

    https://www.freckle.com/    code jma22k










    *******Rosetta Stone is being offered at no charge to students and parents alike.  If you would like for you, your child or both to be signed up to learn a new language while they are out please let me know as soon as possible.  The deadline is this Wednesday, April 1, 2020 ( and no its not an April Fools Joke!lol)****************

Last Modified on March 30, 2020