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    Name: Lynn Marshburn
    Email:  lmarshburn@duplinschools.net
    Subject(s):  Horticulture I& II, Animal Science I & II, AgriScience Applications
    I graduated from North Carolina State University with a BS in Agriculture Extension Education, with a concentration in Animal Science and Natural Resources. Before coming to North Duplin I worked for NCSU as a Livestock Agent specializing in swine and animal waste systems in Sampson County. I grew up on a small livestock farm in rural southern Lenoir County that raised meat goats, chickens, horses, rabbits, etc. I was an FFA member at South Lenoir High School for 4 years, where I served as Chaplain and Student Advisor. I participated in the Hunter Safety, and Forestry CDE's(Placed 8th in the State individually in 2005). My SAE was in placement raising meat goats with my Grandfather and entrepreneurship- raising Dutch Rabbits. My time in FFA molded me into the person I am today. I bleed National Blue and Sweat Corn Gold.

    Announcements Week of May 18th


    NCFFA Celebrates FFA Accomplishments! 

    See the following information regarding to being recognized for earning your State or being eligible for your American Degree!

    2020 NCFFA Celebration Click link to download the dates.

    NC FFA Announces virtual CDE's! The following virtual CDE's will be offered during the month of June. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in participating in these contests. ONE team of four from each chapter will be allowed to participate in each CDE.


    Virtual Horse Evaluation CDE June 1 from 9:00am-2:00pm REGISTRATION DUE FRIDAY MAY 22!

    Farm Business Management CDE June 2nd from 1:00-4:00pm REGISTRATION DUE MAY 28TH!

    Dairy Evaluation CDE Round 1 June 9th 9:00am-11:00am Registration Due June 1st Advancing teams compete in Round 2 on June 11th.




    Webinars for Week of May 11th



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    The agriculture department welcomed two new litters of bunnies this weekend. Hershey bred with Biscuit had a litter of four kits on May 7th, and Peanut Butter had a litter of 6+ on May 8th.


    Important All students in Animal Science and Horticulture please check your email for an important update from me. Updated May 4th 11:25am 

    Announcements *New May 4th*

    May the fourth be with you. Hope everyone is doing well. I have some sad news for those of you who were planning on attending State FFA Convention.

    Last week I received word from State FFA Association that State FFA Convention has been cancelled. For those who have applied for their State FFA and American FFA Degrees they are still planning on having a recognition ceremony via Zoom. 


    The National FFA Shop is back open and ready to ship items. If you need a chain for your state or american degrees, you can still get one from their shop and have it shipped to your house.


    Announcements *New April 27th*


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    Check out NC 4-H's workshop on Rabbit showmanship today at 10:30. A different workshop will be hosted each day!

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    Announcements *New April 20th*

    State and American Degree Applications are Due May 1- All electronic signatures needed by that date.


    Assignment for all classes 4/20/2020

    10,000 Word Essay

    They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. So your assignment for this week is to create a slideshow/ or imovie with ten pictures that tell a story about what you have done since you have been out of school. No descriptions are neccessary just make sure your pictures make sense and are rated G. These could be pictures of you working at your job, spending time with family, doing chores around your house, or even playing Xbox. Please share these presentations with me so I know how each of you are doing. Miss you all! See the attached slide show for my 10K word Essay.


    Marshburn's 10K Word Essay


    The following video gives you an in depth tour of Ford Motor Company. This field trip will give you insight on careers available in the automotive industry and how Ford supports agriculture in our country. Click the link to take the field trip. https://vimeo.com/203325743


    Students follow the steps of farmers, scientists and engineers as they use a variety of technologies to ensure food gets to consumers’ kitchen tables and is safe to consume. Students then develop a prototype of an efficient and environmentally-friendly protein packaging solution for clients looking to ship products to stores. https://vimeo.com/217188607


    Announcements *New April 8th, 2020*

    Below are some events as well as poultry resources I thought you might be interested in. The chicken sales start tomorrow and the Davidson County Home Flock Series starts this Wednesday, so be sure to pay attention to dates. 


    1. House of Raeford Chicken Sales: https://www.houseofraeford.com/news/house-of-raeford-farms-meeting-the-community-chicken-demand/?fbclid=IwAR0V0lVSLShjDcN-HJvfn4riq-IHjiznxujNzax8_E5Sz6cMKwVNrjksrV0


    2. Davidson County Home Flock Series (be sure to register)https://davidson.ces.ncsu.edu/2020/03/home-flock-series-to-be-held-online/


    Sessions include:


     Announcements New April 6th, 2020


    State FFA Convention has not been postponed at this time!

    FFA Officer Interviews will be held in September 2020

    State and American Degree Applications are now due May 1st!

    March 30th

    All FFA Regional and State Events have been postponed until further notice!

    FFA Plant Sale has not been postponed at this time, more information forthcoming.


    New work has been added to the assignments tab.

    Links to interactive agriculture pages will be added this week to the useful links tab.

    Be on the lookout for informational videos from your Ag Teacher.

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