M. Mercurio            
    8th Grade Science 
    Registration for HS is still happening!! You need to pick your classes. The registration information has been sent via email to you. Make sure to complete and send back. All 8th grade needs to respond. 
    PLEASE check your emails.
    Please take the time to watch 2 videos I posted in google classroom for how to open and edit documents and the tutorial for how to use google classroom. This should answer any questions about answering the questions worksheet and filling out the graphic organizer. 
     GOOGLE CLASSROOM--(class code nd6qf7r)
    We have created a google classroom for you to go and collect and submit your weekly lessons. This classroom will include all core classes for 8th grade.
    Assignments for March 30 & March 31
    1. Watch the Brainpop Video
    2. Click on ethics questions worksheet and answer the scenario questions
    April 1 -April 
    1. Read through biotechnology powerpoint
    2. Watch GMOs video
    3. Complete biotechnology graphic organizer
    Check email daily!
    Email your HR teachers to update contact information. For Mrs. Evans HR you may contact any teacher at this time. 
    Don't forget about quizizz games!! Sign up, have fun! Stay safe! 
    ---Mrs. Mercurio
    ***Important Dates*** 
    School closed March 16- May 15, 2020
    PLEASE use the websites in the helpful links section of my webpage. We were only 2 topics from EOG review, so use youtube videos, BrainPOP, science games, or anything else you know we have watched (ex. Bill Nye and Amoeba sisters) or used in the classroom. Also, if you have your notebooks you can look back and review your notes. If you have questions feel free to contact me. I miss you guys, STAY SAFE! 
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