Name:  Lori Barwick
    Grade / Subject:  Kindergarten
    Welcome to Kindergarten: 
          I am excited for this new year.  I have been here with BF Grady for six years.  I recently worked in Wayne County.  I graduated from East Carolina University in Greenville.  I enjoy being with my family and my wonderful German Sheperd Sadie.  I love the beach and being outside.   
         We are planning for a busy and exciting year.  Kindergarten is full of a lot reading, math, science, and social studies. We will also have a lot of center and fun activities daily that will be incorporated through all subject areas.  Each subject area is very important and has goals that your child is expected to know by the end of the year.  We do not have naps anymore in Kindergarten.  The State of North Carolina has strict guidelines teachers must follow in order to get your child ready for the next grade level.  It is very important for parents to work with their child every night on their homework or anything that your child needs help with.   
          I  would like to thank each parent for all they have done so far to help their child.  We do really appreciate you.  Mrs. Debbie is my Assistant we both work really hard with each child caring, showing, teaching, and loving your child each day. I am a true believer that you must listen and do your best each day.  
         Kindergarten has PE classes every Tuesday and Friday.  They must wear tennis shoes on Tuesday and Fridays for PE.  Each child has an agenda and must be taken home Monday through Thursday, and brought back to school each day.  The Agenda has their scheduled homework in it for each day.  Please help your child with their homework each night and sign their agenda each night in the comment section.  Also, they have a take home folder that goes home Monday- Thursday with their work for the day.  Please look at their work each day, take it out,  and send the take home folder back empty, unless it has work in there that needs to be completed.  
         Also, their sight word list is at the bottom of the page students need to study their sight word list every night for their sight word test on Friday.
         During the month of September, January and May students will have their state test in Reading and Math all students will be tested individually.  There will be conferences after these test with parents going over their test results.  It is very important to read their take home book every night and answer questions on the back of envelope.  Parents must sign the yellow envelope on back after helping their child each night with their take home book.       Please make sure you look in your child's agenda each day this is where we also put important papers in it as well. Also, students will be taken library books home for Accelerated Reading please help your child read their book and return the AR folder and AR book back to school.  Your child will be tested on their book each week. 
         Again, I look forward in a great and exciting year in  Kindergarten.   Also, if you have any concerns or questions you may call 252-568-3784, write your comment in the comment section in their agenda book, or send me a note through class dojo. If your child is absent from school any day, they need to bring a note why they were out when they return. 
    WELCOME to Kindergarten, 
    Ms. Barwick
    Kindergarten Teacher 


Last Modified on January 11, 2019