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    Grade 7/8 Social Studies 


    Missed Work/Late Work 

    It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the homework assignments, notes & any other information that is missed during an absence.  Missed work due to an absence (up to five school days) and full credit will be allowed for each day of an excused absence. After five school days, credit will be reduced be 10 points. After 5 days, late work will not be accepted.


    Preparation for Class

    Students are required to bring materials to each class unless otherwise directed.  They will not be allowed to call home for parents to bring it to them.   

    BI-Weekly Current Event Homework ARTICLE SUMMARY DUE EVERY OTHER FRIDAY. Articles can come from a newspaper or a newsworthy website (CNN, WRAL, News12News, etc.) Read the article, write a paragraph/summary and attach the article OR write the name of the article and website where it was found. The article must be about a newsworthy issue in North Carolina, the US or the world.   Weather and sports articles are not​ ​permitted.  Please do not write about LOCAL events. 



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