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    Grades:  6th, 7th, & 8th
    Subject:  STEM Academy
    Name:  Joy Howard
    B.S.B.A - 1986 East Carolina University
    Certification:  Business Education
    Certification:  Marketing Education
    Certification:  Technology Education
    Welcome to B. F. Grady's STEM Academy!
    The STEM Academy is a very different, challenging, fun, learning environment for students.  Students work with a partner in a laboratory environment to explore science, technology, engineering, and math skills, by completing hands on activities, using multimedia instruction.  Students will also have the opportunity to develop their communication and social skills, while exploring related career opportunities.  

    The STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Academy at B. F. Grady offers students an opportunity to explore thirteen different modules including:  Alternative Energy; Biotechnology; CNC Manufacturing; Electronics; Energy, Power & Mechanics; Engines; Environmental Issues; Forensic Science; Ideas & Innovations;  Immunology; Robots; Sustainable Agriculture; and Video Production.

    It is a pleasure for me to help your student learn skills he/she can use in school, in their career, and in life!  Thank you for this opportunity.  
    Joy A. Howard 
    STEM Academy Class Schedule
    7:50-8:20 Intervention-2nd Grade
    7th Grade
    9:08-9:48 6th Grade
    10:31-11:11 6th Grade
    11:14-11:51 7th Grade
    1:02-1:42 8th Grade
    1:45-2:22 6th Grade
    2:25-3:05 8th Grade
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