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    Ms. Tracy Smith

    General Music K-8

    B.F. Grady Elementary School


    Welcome to General Music:  Homeschool Edition! 

    All kidding aside, I am praying for us all to stay healthy and to find the good in this tough situation.  I am praying for all of my students to stay focused and do their best, and for the parents who are now having to teach.  I am so proud of all of you who have stepped up to the challenge.  I am putting my assignments on this page so that you will not have to search to find them.  I will try to post new assignments each Friday.  These assignments will also be on the assignments page for reference.    



    Remote Learning for the Week of 5/25/20

    All Music Classes:  

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  This week’s assignment is in this video that was recorded last Friday afternoon.  It’s easy, but meaningful.  I miss you all and hope to see you soon.  Also, 6th graders, please check our Class Dojo for a message. 

    Patriotic Music Assignment


    I miss all of you.  I am praying for all of my students and your families.  Please check in with me on Class Dojo (messages) or email (trsmith@duplinschools.net) to let me know how you are doing. 


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