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April 20th - 24th was scheduled to be "See the Able Not the Label Week.  Our awesome EC Department has came up with a way that we can all participate from home.  

Monday: Wear Blue

Tuesday:Wear your glasses or sunglasses

Wednesday: Learn your name in sign language ( I will be sharing this on our class dojo and facebook group)

Thursday: Rock your crazy socks

Friday:Take a picture with a sign that says, "RHM Sees the Able Not the Label!"

Please send me a picture of your child so that I can share these pictures with our school!  


Yearbook - Below is the link that will allow you to purchase a school yearbook online.  This is a great way for your child to remember such an amazing school year.

Dear Parents,

Below are some ideas and resources that you may find helpful during this difficult time.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or through our Class DoJo page.


Don't forget to join my Facebook Classroom for live read alouds.  

Mrs. Williams' Quarantined Classroom



*Have your child read nightly for at least 20 minutes.

*Ask your child questions about what they read.

*Have your child find letter patterns in their books. (Ex: ay. ai, ea, ee, a_e, e_e, ou, ow, oo, ing, ed, etc.)

*Have your child keep a journal and write about what they do each day.

*Have your child read to a sibling. 



*Practice counting to 200 by 1s, 5s, and 10s.

*Practice counting forward from any given number. Ex: start at 79 and count to 200.

*Practice writing numbers 1-200.

*Practice adding and subtracting numbers using multiples of tens. Ex: 21-10, 54+30, 83-40

*Practice adding and subtracting within 10.



Count to 150

Count to 200

Open Court Letter Chant

Sight Word Rap #1

Sight Word Rap #2

Last Modified on April 17, 2020