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    Duplin County Schools Center of Opportunity

    213 West College St.

    Warsaw, NC 28398


    Phone: (910) 293-2068

    Fax: (910) 293- 3041

    The Center of Opportunity and The GateWay Programs continue offering students academic, social, and emotional assistance in their endeavors toward success. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to each student's success. We continue to strive to motivate each student to become all he/she can be, as he/she contributes to his/her own success. 

    The Center of Opportunity is a school-mandated program that allows students to continue their education in a setting that provides more individualized instruction with fewer stimuli.

    The GateWay Program offers students who have dropped out or are in danger of dropping out, an opportunity to complete their high school studies in a public school setting and to become college and career-ready. Any student attending the Gateway program may attend after-school/extracurricular activities (ie attend football games, prom, etc) pending principal approval. 

    One of the GateWay programs is the Restart Program, which is for students placed at the Center of Opportunity for disciplinary reasons and for violations of school board policies. The students are placed based on the principal or assistant principal's recommendation, which is subsequent to committee member review.  The terms of placement (duration, etc) are reviewed at that time. Any student attending the Restart Program may not attend after-school/extracurricular activities unless prior approval from the home school principal has been given.  




2022-23 Annual Forms

  • 2022-23 Technology Forms/ Formularios de tecnología para el año escolar de 2022-2023
  • 2022-23 Health Attestation Form
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