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    Name: Nick Futrell
    Email: nfutrell@duplinschools.net   
    Grade / Subject: Physical Education - Health Educator
    (Home Instructions)
    The PE Department has developed a Google Classroom for 4th-8th grade students. In the classroom are activities and an activity log to complete each week.
    Our class code is: 42mxrsb
    This is the link that will carry you to Google Classroom.
    Try this TeenBeat basic activity exercise/activity tracker to see if you are being active enough daily.
    (At Home Weekly Assignment-Activity)
    1. Be physical active at least 30 minutes, 2 times a day raising heart rate over 100 beats per minute.
    2. Everyday perform 10 push-ups, 10 squats, 15 sit-ups, 30 seconds of jumping jacks, and a 30 second plank.  When exercises are no longer challenging add reps or time to exercise routine.
    3. Eat your daily meals with 2000 calorie intake in mind remembering the MyPlate food guide!
    4.  Stay positive, stay focused, and stay Healthy!!
    April 17th-30th Match Wellness Health Assignment
    7th grade ONLY!!!
    Assignment Instructions
    Your username and Password is the same username and password given to you at school for SchoolNet testing.
    2. Complete the POST SEAT survey.
    3. Complete the Smoking and Smokeless Tobacco and E-Cig lesson.
    Follow the instructions given for the lesson and complete the activities that follow.
    6th-8th PE Assignments
    April 19th-25th
    There are two options for choosing your activity logs.
    Option 1: Activity home physical education.
    This option is a one week basic home daily activity tracker.
    Option 2: Physical Education at Home.
    This option gives you a months worth of daily activities. Choose the 4th weeks activities to complete this week.
    Reminder from PE: Your daily activities and assignments are listed in Google Classroom.
    Class Code: 42mxrsb
    May 4th - Activities
    6th-8th Grade
    Things to DO!
    1. Complete your weekly activity log located in Google Classroom.
    2. Start working on the May Dream Calendar. Do the activities listed for the day.
    3. Challenge yourself with "Block the Puck."


    7th Grade
    Boating Safety Online Course
    1. Use the link provided to register and start completing your online Boating Safety course. Follow the instructions provided.

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