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     Teacher: Coach Futrell
    Position: Health/Physical Educator
    Grades: K-8th
    Contact: 252-568-3487
    Welcome Back BFG Students
       Welcome back students and parents!  This year has already proven to show many challenges beginning the school year with remote learning.  Please do not get frustrated, we will make it through this trying time.  In the event that you need help you can call 252-568-3487 or email me at nfutrell@duplinschools.net.
       For this year ALL course work done during remote learning will be completed in Canvas courses.  Modules will be displayed each week detailing assignments, quizzes, and activities to be completed. 
       Each week we will be coming together using Google Meet on Tuesday's to do our live teaching session and class chat.  An email containing the class code will be sent out prior to the Meeting.  Students can't login to the meeting before the teacher and must log off before the teacher leaves the Meeting.
    Meeting Times and Section Codes
    8th Grade Section 83 - 9:10
    7th Grade Section 75 - 10:30
    8th Grade Section 86 - 11:45
    6th Grade Section 67 - 12:25
    6th Grade Section 68 - 1:05
    7th Grade Section 79 - 1:45
    7th Grade Section 80 - 2:25 
Last Modified on September 14, 2020