• Smith
    Name: Mrs. Jackie Smith
    Email: Jasmith@duplinschools.net
    Subject(s): Physical Science, & Biology
     Please make sure you submit your assignments by Friday, May 29, 2020 Thanks
  • Dear STUDENT,

    Due to school closure caused by CoVID-19, students in grades 9-11 and non-graduating seniors who were passing a course as of March 13th will be given a choice for how each final grade will appear on the high school transcript.

    In COURSE NAME your highest numeric final grade option is GRADE. Please review all your grading options for this course. Student grading options can be found by clicking here.

    A GPA calculator spreadsheet can be accessed at this link. You may use this tool to determine the impact of choosing a numeric grade versus a PC-19 on your cumulative GPA. The link will require you to create a copy of the spreadsheet. In order for the calculator to work correctly, only enter data into the yellow/blue highlighted cells.

    Students and parents can also view an informational video for additional grading guidance and an explanation of the GPA calculator at this link.

    Please discuss your grading options with your parent/guardian and respond to this email by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 21, 2020 to let me know how you would like your grade recorded (Numeric Grade or PC-19).

    If you have questions about this choice, please respond by email to set up a telephone conference.

    Thank you.

Last Modified on May 27, 2020