• Name:Shannon Gehen
    I am so excited to be teaching something I love. I am also starting my 7th year at WRH. I finished my student teaching here and fell in love with the community and it's students. I will be teaching 1, 2, 3, and 4, which can include drawing, painting, ceramics and many other mediums. Art 1 will explore all diffrent material and vocabulary. Art 2-4 allow you to explore that materials you like the best and produce your own style and skills.   
    I was first introduced to the world of art by my high school Art Teacher, and it has impacted my life choices and has turned into a very rewarding journey into education. 
    What I love about art is the opportunity to have much control of your work, there are no right and wrong answers to making your own art. There are of course rules that can guide you in your art making process, but it is a total personal experience.  
    I hope to pass on my love for art and its history! 
    See you in class,
Last Modified on August 19, 2019