•     Ms. C. Johnson
                        Name: Consuelo Johnson
                        Email: cojohnson@duplinschools.net
                        Grade(s): 8th
                        Subject(s): Mathematics
                                   EAGLES SOAR
                                 TO NEW HEIGHTS!


    Greetings all,     

    I hope everyone is doing well during this time. Many of you are missing your friends and teachers. We are missing you as well. We will be out of school for a while. Email or text me to let me know how you are doing if you have not done so already. I have been able to touch basis many of you but not all.  


         Check you email to see what is going on and talk to me. Continue working on some assignments to keep your brain juices flowing. Don't stress and take one day at a time. This is also family time. Enjoy your family. Play Connect Four, Uno or etc., sharpen your skills. I will periodically post a challenge problem for you to try. Have fun with them. See if your parents can figure it out. If you need help with anything please do not hesitate to let me know. 


         Please don't let your child drive you crazy. :-) Do not stress over the work for them to do. Encourage a little bit at a time.  I will continue to post messages for you in Class Dojo. If you would like to receive a copy of the emails being sent to your child, please let me know by sending me an email or contacting me through Class Dojo. Those of you who already receive the emails, you do not need to let me know again. 


    Hopefully, this crisis will soon be over and we can get back to normal (as best as we can). I am ready to take to the skies! As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, let me know. 


    Ms. C. Johnson 


    Stay tuned for more updates!


  • Most middle school math teachers will be out on November 2nd and 3rd to attend the State Math Conference.

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