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    Mrs. Sutton

    Congratulations guys!!! You've made it! You've made it through a wonderful and different school year! I'm sending you all big hugs and I know you all will do AMAZING in first grade! Have a wonderful Summer! Stay safe, stay kind, keep reading, keep writing, and keep exploring!!  Please feel free to write about your adventures and mail them to me. I cannot wait to see you all next year and see how much you've grown! Love you all!  <3 Mrs. Sutton 


    Parents/Families, thank you for all of your commitment and hard work as well! Thank you for continuing to focus on your child's education and for quickly switching to the role of an educator while still working full time jobs. We appreciate all the support you have shown and given to our classroom this year! You all are amazing and we thank you!!

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Last Modified on May 29, 2020