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    Pre-K through Eighth Grade Students  


    Welcome to Duplin County School's College and Career Corner informational website.  This site was created especially for our pre-K through 8th grade students and their families to help prepare and explore options for life after high school.  Our goal is to provide online resources that promote awareness of, readiness for, and access to college and career options. Please click on the links at the left for more information on post-secondary readiness topics.




     "We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future." 


    --Franklin D. Roosevelt


  • What is College and Career Readiness?

    Duplin County Schools is striving to ensure that all students are college and career ready.  What does college and career readiness mean?  Undoubtedly, it is more than a high school diploma.  In order to be "college ready", a high school graduate must have the knowledge and skills to qualify for and succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing coursework without remediation.  Being "career ready" means being prepared for a career that offers the opportunity to advance and grow professionally.  Walk with us as we take steps toward building college and career readiness for all Duplin County students!

Last Modified on September 30, 2014