Names of the current School Improvement Team members and date of election by secret ballot; Voting by secret ballot on 8/12/21

    The 2021-2022 SIT members are:
    Marketa Y. Hargrove- Principal
    Denise Humphries- AP
    Karen Kennedy- Process Manager
    Nina Lanier-DLMC
    Karly Earp- Data Manager
    Wendy Lanier- Support Services
    Michelle Shepard- 8th grade
    Georgianna Whaley- 7th grade
    Donald Parker- 6th grade
    Britani Becher- 5th grade
    Dennis Hatcher- 4th grade
    Amelia Bellomy- 3rd grade
    Jaclyn Shwedler- 2nd grade
    Misty Ross- 1st grade
    Pansy Brown- Kindergarten
    Ann Albertson- Resource
    Morgan Murray- Assistant



Last Modified on January 11, 2022