• Casa Batlló - Barcelona Spain
    Name: America Pinales 
    Email: apinales@duplinschools.net
    Subject(s): Spanish I  and II 
    Master, in Science of Education - Bilingual Education - 
    Bachellor,  in Economic Science
     Teaching Spanish as a target language as a target language is what I enjoy to do. I like to work with languages and cultures for students. My goal for this year is to share all students to love languages and cultures. So, to motivate their interest in the global world by communication and competencies. Any language learned is a window for another. Wtih over 16 years of experience it is not sufficient in the things that can learn from you. I glad to be one of your door in order to introduce the Spanish Language as a little part of the global world.  
    I hope to do the best for you success in the target language. 
Last Modified on August 24, 2020