Name:  Adam Scronce
    Email:  ascronce@duplinschools.net
    Subject(s):  Health / PE

    Health and PE

    Instructor:  Coach Scronce



    Students may find all course work and materials on Canvas


    Coach Scronce's Remote Learning Schedule

    8:00AM-9:00AM                       Health / PE (1st Period)

    9:00AM-10:00AM                     Health / PE (2nd Period)

    10:00AM-11:00AM                   Advanced PE (3rd Period)

    11:00AM-12:00PM                   Planning (4th Period)


    12:00PM-1:00PM                     Lunch


    1:00PM-4:00PM                       Available for Email / Phone Calls / Google Hangouts


    Office Hours will be on Monday and Wednesday from 4PM-7PM

    All First Semester students will need to sign up for the class REMIND to revceive updates on their course throughout the semester.  Please
    go to CANVAS for instructions on how to sign up.


Last Modified on August 21, 2020