Welcome to Physical Education!
    Mandy Henderson
    Email- amhenderson@duplinschools.net
    Phone- 285-7183
    Attention Parents and Students:
    Please make sure you are checking the PE Google Classroom for lessons during your at home weeks or if you are fully remote.  Make sure to complete the exit ticket at the end of each lesson so that I will know you have finished the lesson.
    *Kids Heart Challenge gifts have been placed with last year's belongings for pick up.  If you have any questions please let me know.
    I am so excited to begin the 2020-2021 school year!  We are going to have a great time exercising our bodies and minds.  You will be getting the information to my Google Classroom from your classroom teacher during the first week of school. Please feel free to contact me with any questions! I am looking forward to a wonderful year!
    Mrs. Henderson
    Please login to my Google Classroom with the code you've been given from your Classroom teacher. 
    Remote Learning Schedule for PE with Mrs. Henderson:
    Kindergarten- Monday
    First Grade- Tuesday
    Second Grade- Wednesday
    Third Grade- Thursday
    Fourth Grade- Monday
    Fifth Grade- Tuesday
    All Grades- Friday- Make up day for any lessons not completed
    Week of May 25-29
    See the links below for this week's activities. I hope everyone has a wonderful summer! Ready to be back in the gym and get moving during Physical Education!
    Physical Education:
    4th Grade Health:
    Week of May 18-22
    Click on the following links for this week's actvities.  Have a great week, boys and girls!
    Physical Education:
    4th Grade Health:
    Read or listen to this article on how to be a fit kid.
    Bullpup Bouncers:
    Week of May 11- May 15
    Follow the links for this week's activities.  Hope everyone has an amazing week!  I miss you all so much!
    Physical Education:
    Get up and moving with this great warmup:
    Pick 2 phone numbers and then follow the exerises that match each number:
    Review and practice locomotor skills while finding different items in your house:
    4th Grade Health:
    Read the following information on the importance of sleep:
    Week of May 4- May 8
    Friday, May 8th, has been designated as National Field Day! We have some fun field day activities for you to participate in this week!  We hope you enjoy these games!  Click on the link below for the details.  Have a wonderful week!
    Week of April 27- May 1
    Click on the links below to access this week's activities. Enjoy these activities throughout the week!  All of them will help you reach the goal of 60 minutes of exercise each day. I miss you so much, boys and girls! Stay healthy and safe!
    Physical Education:  
    7 Minute HIIT
    Paper Ball Knockout
    Family Fun Cardio Workout
    4th Grade Health:
    Lungs- Watch the video to see why our lungs are so important.
    Week of April 20-24
    I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Break!  Several activities are listed below for you to challenge yourself with this week.  Remember to keep your heart healthy and strong by exercising atleast 60 minutes a day and choosing healthy foods to eat.  Have a great week everyone! 
    Physical Education:
    Start with push ups and complete as many rounds as possible.  Add music for motiviation!
    Find a coin and flip to see what exercise to complete.  Play atleast 3 rounds.
    Heads/Tails Activity
    4th Grade Health- Bicycle Safety Lesson 2
    Week of April 6- April 9
    Boys and girls, we miss you so much and I pray that you are staying safe!  Shown below, are a few activities that you can complete at home to keep you active and moving.  Bullpup Bouncers, you will see a link below to help you review skills we have worked on in practice, along with some additional skills.  Take some time everyday to exercise so your body can stay healthy and strong!
    Physical Education
    Bottle Flip
     Chalk Walk
    4th Grade Health-Bicycle Safety
    Bullpup Bouncers
    Week of March 30- April 3
    Jump Rope Skills Name Activity