Name:Beth Wooten
    Grade / Subject: Special Education Resource

     Please make sure to check the DCS website for awesome Learning links. 

    Tips for daily learning activites:

    * Read aloud with your child at least 30 minutes a day on their level.

    * Ask your child who, what, when, where, why, and how questions regarding text read together.

    * Practice writing sentences giving topics of interest of your child. (If they love cats, write about cats.)

    * Write a letter to a friend or family member!!

    * Practice telling time, counting money, using calendars, additon, subtraction, mulitplication, and division.

    * Play together, inside or outside, practicing conversation and sharing.

    * Play a board game or card game using rules.

    * Engage in pretend/imaginative play with your child....Oh the places YOU can go! :))

    * Have fun with your child! Learning is FUN!



    Educational Links 



    https://eps.schoolspecialty.com/products/online-programs/explode-the-code-online/free-trial (excellent phonics program to assist with reading)



    https://www.abcmouse.com/abt/homepage (is offering free access with code "AOFLUNICEF" during the school closure )


    Clip art  

    https://www.mathplayground.com/   (free math games for each grade level)             
Last Modified on January 11, 2022