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    Name: Mrs. Candice Dixon Southerland
    Email: csoutherland@duplinschools.net
    Grade / Subject: Third Grade

    During this time it is imperitive that we keep an open line of communication so that your student continues to learn and grow. If you are not connected to Dojo please email me with a current phone number and I will send you an invite to join. All you will need to do is download the app on your phone or device. At this time we are providing many resources that we use in the classroom daily as a digital resource. I will need to know if you are unable to access them so that we can provide alternate learning materials. We will get this figured out and make it through together. I miss you all very much!

    Class Dojo Link- If you are a parent of a current student you can log in to Dojo and request to join our classroom.




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    Posted by CANDICE DIXON SOUTHERLAND on 11/7/2019

    What is something happening in the world today that influences your life?

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