• Let's Make History!                           Ms. Lillie R. Lanier         
    Name: Lillie R. Lanier
    Email: lilanier@duplinschools.net
    Grade: 6th Grade
    Subjects: English Language Arts/
                     Social Studies
    My name is Lillie R. Lanier. I have been an educator for 21 years. I look forward to a new year at Kenansville Elementary School as the 6th grade ELA/SS teacher. I graduated from Fayetteville State University in 2005 receiving a BA in History with Concentration in Elementary Education. In 2010 I received my AIG Add-on from Campbell University and received my MEd. from Grand Canyon in 2015. 
     The sky is the limit, let's shine this year.
    Please remember that the school day begins with homerooom at 8:00. A student is considered tardy if not seated in the classroom at that time. Students work on a bell ringer from the time they enter the classroom until 8:07. My instructions began promptly at 8:07 with a quote and word of the day. When a student gets to class after 8:07, he/she has missed quite a bit. The day ends at 3:00 with remediation. When a student leaves prior to that time, he/she is losing valuable instructional time.
    FYI: Reading: homework nightly, weekly test/quiz;
         Social Studies:Vocabulary test on Thursday, weekly test
         Students can practice using student.frontrowed.com 
     Scholarly tips for success:
    • Set goals and create a vision plan.
    • Do all you can to accomplish your part in the plan.
    • Develop good study habits.
    • Read something each day.
    • Practice testing strategies.
    • Always think positive; think of the best in all situations.
    • Remember there is NOTHING you can't accomplish. 
    • Don't be just another brick in the wall, be a leader.
    • Think about your contribution to the success of the Tiger community. 
    • Remember education is not just about learning "the answer" but about how to learn!