Melba Keathley

    Career Development Coordinator/Special Populations Coordinator

    North Duplin Junior/Senior High School


    The Career Development Coordinator (CDC) supports the Career and Technical Education department and works collaboratively with administrators, student services personnel, teachers, parents, business/industry, postsecondary institutions, military, community organizations, and other stakeholders to ensure the delivery of career development services for students.  CDCs promote career awareness, exploration, and planning.  The role of the CDC also includes facilitating the work-based learning opportunities (job shadowing, internships, co-op education, etc...)

    The Special Populations Coordinator (SPC) supports the Career and Technical Education department through identifying students within special populations each semester who are taking any CTE courses and providing support to those CTE teachers with possible teaching strategies.  SPCs also work with each student who is considered Special Pops on developing, implementing, and monitoring their Career Development Plan.  The role of the SPC also includes collaborating with other service providers to assist the members of special populations in academic, social, and personal development.

    The mission of Career and Technical Education is to empower all students to be successful citizens, workers, and leaders in a global economy.  The CTE program areas we offer, here at North Duplin, are Agricultural Education, Business, Finance, & Information Technology Education, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, and Health Sciences Education. We also have Career and Technical Student Organizations that are active at North Duplin.  They are Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), National Technical Honor Society (NTHS), and Future Farmers of America (FFA).  


    It's a great time to explore career opportunities.  Take a look at the videos on this Virtual Career Exploration Flyer.  You can access the virtual experiences by directly typing the “bit.ly” links included on the flyer or by searching Damian Jeffers YouCanBeHereToo on YouTube.


    UNC Family Medicine Summer Academy--Virtual Job Shadow for Seniors


    Greg Poole Think BIG--Associate's Degree and Employment Placement

    Murphy Family Ventures--They are hiring!

    Bay Valley Foods 

    2019-2020 Updates:

    1. **Most of you should be familiar with Xello, the online website where you register for classes each year.  You can access the Xello website by going through your NC EdCloud (where you go to access SchoolNet).  Using this resource, you can complete career exploration activities.  Once you go to the Xello site, there are three sections "About Me," "Explore Options," and "Goals & Plans."  
      Please take time to complete some of the activities in the "About Me" and "Explore Options" section.  In the "About Me" section, there is a matchmaker activity where you answer questions about yourself and it matches you with specific careers.  There is also a personality styles activity and a learning styles activity.  Many of you completed these activities in 8th grade, but it would be great to complete them again and see how/if your interests have changed over the years.  In the "Explore Options" section, you can find out more information on many different careers as well as information pertaining to colleges and majors.  DO NOT go into the "Goals & Plans" portion of this website.  Mrs. Smith is working hard on registration for 2020-2021; you need to contact her if you have questions about your courses for next year. 
      Please take advantage of this free resource to find out more information about careers and colleges.  IF YOU NEED ANY HELP ACCESSING THIS SITE, PLEASE EMAIL ME!  I WILL BE GLAD TO HELP!

    2. ** A great online resource is Nepris.  This website is offering FREE accounts for students and educators.  Teachers, if you are interested in this, please sign up as well and take a look around.  There are several upcoming live industry chats as well as a full video library available for you to watch in regards to many different types of careers.  I just created my account in less than 3 minutes.  Super easy!  I have listed the website below.  Please take a few minutes to check it out.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact me with any questions or if you have any issues creating an account.  I will be glad to help!  


    3. ** Please see the documents below for activities about employability skills.  The following activities discuss writing a resume and cover letter, how to fill out a job application, interview quetions, how to dress appropriately for the job, workplace communication, and how to write a thank you note. 

      Employability Skills Instructions

      Cover Letter Information

      Cover Letter Information 2

      Sample Cover Letter

      Writing a Resume

      Job Application Form

      Interview Questions

      Professional Dress/Appearance

      Workplace Communication

      Thank you Notes

    4. ** This activity is called "Reality Check."  It is a budgeting activity.  Seniors, you participated in the "Reality of Money" event back in September that State Employees Credit Union put on for us.  This activity is much like that event.  Please follow the directions listed below.  As always, please let me know if you have any questions or have any issues getting on the website.  This is a great activity and I hope you will check it out.

      Once at the website, scroll down to "Career Tools" then, click on "Reality Check."  Follow the instructions it gives you.