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    Mr. Joshua A. Rodriguez, Music Director
    Bachelor of Science in Music Education 
    Email: jrodriguez@duplinschools.net
       CES #: (910) 285-6879
                Welcome to the Chinquapin Indian's Music Department, a community for students to aspire and achieve greatness in music and within themselves. The Chinquapin Music Department is made up of performance ensembles, in which students will learn musical concepts, play/sing music that is challenging, yet attainable, develop responsibility, gain a healthy sense of pride, become a musician/singer and learn lessons that will be carried with them the rest of their lives. The Music Department will afford members enriching experiences by performing at concerts, assemblies, community events, festivals and contests. You are invited and encouraged to come and be apart of the excitement! Performance dates will be posted on this site. Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated. There are many facets in which one can become a part of this learning community, so come talk with me and let us find out where you will prosper. I look forward to a successful year and excited about working with every part and member of this great community! Please do not hesitate to contact me through email or school phone if any inquiries arise. I have an open door policy and do not mind conversing with anyone during my office hours. Thank you!
    Mr. Rodriguez,
    Music Educator
    Chinquapin Elementary School 
    Mission Statement:
    The Chinquapin Indian Music Department strives to transform the lives' of students
    by inspiring them to discover their full musical and personal selves. 
    The Chinquapin Indian Music Department's goals are to:
    -   Have each member develop self discipline in and out of band rehearsals
    -   Have each member gain a sense of responsibility for one another, their music progress,
    their academic progress and the school's progress
    -   Have each member develop healthy school pride
    -   Give excellent performances at school, around the community, at festivals and at contest
    -   To have fun making music and sharing the gift of music with everyone