• Employee NCEdCloud Account
    What is NCEdCloud IAM Service? 
    The NCEdCloud IAM Service provides LEAs and Charter Schools a tool to enable their students, teachers, and employees, to use a single account to login to integrated Target Applications, including Home Base.
    How do I log in and what will I see?
    The video below demonstrates how to log in and what you will see once you get logged into your NCEdCloud Account.
    How do I claim my NCEdCloud Account? 
    The video below demonstrates how to claim your NCEdCloud Account. You can also click here for a step-by-step handout.
    What is my UID?
    The UID number is a 9- or 10-digit Student Number or the 10-digit State Employee UID or PowerSchool UID for teachers and staff. As a staff member, if you are unaware of your UID number, please check with your school data manager.
    What capabilities will I have as a teacher? 
     As a teacher, you have the ability to change and reset your students' passwords to minimize class downtime. The NCEdCloud IAM System pulls course information from PowerSchool so that you have access to all of the students you teach during the current schedule. The video below demonstrates how to change and reset student passwords.
    Please claim your account by going to my.ncedcloud.org