• NDE Promotes College and Career Initiative
    NDE students are preparing for the future by taking part in an Early College and Career Initiative.  In order to ensure that all students are college and career ready, we are exposing them to colleges, universities, and careers within our area.  Each grade level has adopted a college of study.
    Grade Level College
    Pre-KWayne Community College
    KindergartenMt. Olive College 
    1st GradeEast Carolina University 
    2nd Grade Campbell University 
    3rd Grade Duke University 
    4th Grade Appalachian State University 
    5th Grade University of NC at Wilmington 
    6th Grade North Carolina State University 
    To support this initiative, our students participated in Career Week from February 23-27.  Throughout the week, students received visits from various community members and parents who shared their professions, experiences, and school requirements.  Students also dressed up each day of the week as someone from a specific career field.  
    Our school also held a College Week from March 16-20 to educate students about various local colleges.  Each morning for announcements, an NDE teacher or staff member shared with students which school they graduated from, history, cool facts, degrees and programs and even the school's fight song.  Students in all grade levels wore college colors and outfits during specific days of the week.
    We strive to prepare each of our students, from Pre-K to 6th grade, for the competitive world which we live.  Throughout daily classroom instruction, teachers are engaging students with the curriculum while also teaching them social and leadership skills which empowers them to rise up to meet every challenge.  We are building strong relationships and challenging learners to believe that they can achieve anything and become leaders of our future.