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    Name:Rosario Zapata
    Email: rzapata@duplinschools.net
    Hello everyone! I hope you had a great summer.  This is Ms. Zapata from my Native Land, the Philippines.  I am on a Teacher Exchange Program for the purpose of sharing my culture and teachings in my subject.  Hopefully, I can stay here for as long as my visa allows me, and will be able to gain from the experience and your culture as well to share with my Country when I return home. I have a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and masters degrees in Mathematics and Educational Leadership.  
    I feel blessed for this great opportunity and happy to be with the Wallace-Rose Hill High School Community as I am with very supportive administrators and colleagues, and surprisingly intelligent and accepting students.  With this, I feel home away from home. 
    Thank you Bulldogs Family!
    "Poverty is not a hindrance to success, lack of determination is." 
    SCHOOL YEAR 2020-2021
    Fall Semester 2020
    Welcome to the new and unique school year. I hope everybody is well and healthy! I'm extended for another year, so I'm still here.(",)
    To my classes (Math 4 and Pre-Calculus Honors), it is preferable and recommended to use Canvas. I hope you are able to connect to the internet though,so that you can use Canvas for your lessons. Everything you need to do is here, including my personal class videos and other good resources. If not, I will send you packets to go through the lessons. They are also available to download here on my webpage.  Click the links to access them here.
    https://www.duplinschools.net/cms/lib/NC01001360/Centricity/Domain/2259/MODULE 1. COMPLEX NUMBERS.pdf
    https://www.duplinschools.net/cms/lib/NC01001360/Centricity/Domain/2259/Quiz.complex numbers.pdf
    https://www.duplinschools.net/cms/lib/NC01001360/Centricity/Domain/2259/Homework. Complex Numbers.pdf
    If you have your personal computer, please download the 90 - day trial for TI-84 Plus CE here: https://education.ti.com/en/downloads/trial-software
    I will contact all of you soon. Email me for questions. Do not hesitate.
    Good luck to all of us! We can do this together!
    SCHOOL YEAR 2019- 2020
    Congratulations to our Seniors. It's a simple memories I am sharing with you.  Good Luck and I hope for you to be successful in the life you choose. 
    good team work ty and maddie
    Madison and Tyler
    forever lovers
    there is forever
    the friends, xavier on the lead
    my dawters amy and no-e-mi
    sweetie pie rachel and maddie
    so sweet
    Juliana and david working hard
    ahem seriousness israel and blake
    future surgeon and football star. one of wrh's pride Javonte Williams
    go esther!
    ok maynor, you the man
    the smile sam

    Larry, the #1 midbenchmark guy
    my cover photo on fb
    Last Friday's win from the football team
    This is from my Math III Honor's Class last semester, doing the Sine Law Activity 
    And then we had the shooting parabola using geogebra app
    sADEJAH makayla javonte  
     The first touchdown I had witnessed from the football team
    Bulldogs football championship, the first championship I watched with my friend Cheryl Pagal in 2015 around December at BB & T Stadium in Greensboro, NC.
    Our school won 3/5 championships in the course of my program. I miss Quavion, Vonte, Zhay, Chris, Devon, Rajah twins and others.
    some of my warm colleagues 
    From where probably Filipinos had their physical features (mostly),  some sweet Hispanic kids of my regular class. 
    I used to teach in the University in the College of Education from the Philippines on Professional Education and Math (Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University)
    my students  
    mam carl btte  
    math adv  
    Aren't you lucky to have such classrooms? These students literally study in a classroom with no AC, crowded at that with at least 55 students, however bear with the inconveniences just to get a good education. 
    classroom  elem
    ele math
    My students were all boys for 20 years... (Don Bosco Academy) 
    These are my first students.
     94 dom 95
    Our school is known to be good in sports, especially basketball and soccer.