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    Name:  Adrian J. Grandy

    Email:  agrandy@duplinschools.net

    Grade(s): 7th

     English Language Arts 


    Greetings everyone!  I am standing in expectation of a wonderful 2017-2018 school year!  My name is Adrian Grandy and it is my privilege to teach English Language Arts at Rose Hill Magnolia.  I am excited about being an "Eagle!"  I am entering my 11th year as a NC teacher and I look forward to a great year!  
    As a teacher I set high standards for quality work and expectations, and it is my goal to assist each student with educational cultivation so that their “good gets better, and their better becomes their best!”

    (Rose Hill Eagles Fly High and also we have…)

    “Pencils, Potential & Purpose!”

    As we put “pencils” to paper, we encourage all stakeholders to come together as we remember we have the “potential” to meet our “purpose!”

     At Rose Hill Magnolia all faculty and staff members encourage all students to give their best effort academically and behaviorally and we appreciate both the parents and students for working aside us to make this goal a reality!   Thank you parents/guardians in advance for empowering your child this far to take responsibility for his or her education and I know it will continue!
    Again I am honored to be your child’s English Language Arts Teacher!  Should you need me my email is agrandy@duplinschools.net or I can be reached during planning periods from 10:45-11:27 or after school at the school’s number (910) 289-3667.



    Adrian Jerome Grandy