• Mrs. Carroway and family
    Michelle Carroway
    3rd Grade
    B.F. Grady Elementary School


    May 4-8th assignments are located here: Click the link below
    May 11-15th assignments are located here.  Click the link below.
    May18-22nd assignments are located here.  Click the link below.
    I hope you all have a wonderful summer!  Keep checking Class Dojo for Summer Read Alouds!  Love to you all!!!!!
      I'm am so excited to be teaching at B.F. Grady this year!  I have taught here from 2005 through 2013.  I left and taught at Richlands Elementary for two years and decided to come back.  B.F. Grady is such an awesome community that I couldn't stay away anymore.  This is my fifth year teaching 3rd grade and am open to all the adventures that will come my way this year.  I have a Master's degree in Elementary Education and am also certified in ESL.  I have attended several different colleges/universities through the years which helped me to obtain my degrees.  I am married and have two young children, both of which attend B.F. Grady. 
         I absolutely love teaching and building relationships with each of my students.  I feel very fortunate to be able to help students learn new things and grow in all subject areas.  I love to share my expereinces with my students and have fun while learning.  My desire is to be able to get my students to laugh and smile throughout the day.  I want each of my students to know how much I love them and support them.  I treat each child like they are my very own.  Learning is very important but I also want my students to enjoy it at the same time!

    Class Dojo

          Parents are able to stay up-to-date with your child's behavior and activities happening in class by joining our class Dojo account.  Please see me in order to receive your parent code to join our class.  Class Dojo is a quick and easy way to communicate with all parents.  I post upcoming events, pictures of our class participating in different activities, and many personal messages concerning your child's progress.  This is also one of our school's main avenues in communicating with parents.  I hope to hear from you soon! 

    Homework Expectations

         Students have homework Monday through Thursday nights.  I ask that each child read a library book and study their multiplication facts.  Students will also have a reading passage with a few questions to answer each night as well as a math sheet.  These activities are to review skills taught during the school day.  Your child should also study their vocabulary words and definitions nightly.  They take a test every other week.  Please click on the vocabulary link to see the current set of vocabulary being covered in class. Parents are expected to sign the agenda each night to acknowledge that they have seen and checked over their child's work with them.