• DECHS Outdoors Club is a club that enjoys being outdoors and enjoying nature by finding outdoor activities. The club also partakes in field trips and activities that preserve the environment, such as picking up trash. 



    Gabe Price 


    Mr. Dwight Holland 


    Shaila Mejac
    Elsy Ramirez
    Nayeli Gomez
    Kahila Mathis
    Jayden Sutton
    Kristen Sherrod
    Nicolyn Pickett
    Henry Duarte
    Asian Cartton
    Christopher Dukes
    Eric Morales Flores
    Violet McMillan
    Esteysi Godinez Martinez
    Miyer Berduo
    Wilfredo Cruz
    Jafet Figueroa
    Austin Foss
    Breanna Burdette
    Jared Lee
    Bryson Wilkinson