K - 5 Health & Physical Education

              Respect yourself and others.
              Own your actions.
              Attitude is everything.
              Responsibility is the key. 

    Show your school spirit - wear your favorite college colors or BES colors on Fridays.

    Welcome to Beulaville Elementary Physical Education.  We will be using the SPARK (Sports, Play, & Active Recreation for Kids) Program in our Physical Education classes. SPARK is a research-based curriculum that teaches not only movement knowledge and motor skills, but heathy lifestyles and social and personal skills as well.  It focuses on continuously active, small-group and non-competitive environments. SPARK offers students the opportunity to learn, practice and master a wide range of diverse skills and activities appropriate for their age.  We will be using the FITNESSGRAM to assess the fitness levels of our students. The Fitnessgram measures three components of health-related physical fitness that have been identified as important to overall health and function - aerobic capacity;  body composition; and muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility.
    Remember, You never grow too old to play, you grow old by not playing!
Last Modified on September 15, 2022