Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. CSM Rozenia Carter-Sherman
JROTC Senior Army Instructor (SAI)  Aug 2016 - Present 

James Kenan High School

1241 NC 24 & 50 Hwy

Warsaw, NC 28398

(910) 293-4218


Operates within the realm of an extensive comprehensive knowledge of multifunctional training programs. Plan work to be accomplished by cadets, sets, adjusts priorities, and prepares schedules for work completion. Assigns work based on priorities, selective consideration of the difficulty and requirements of the assignment and the capabilities of employees. Establishes performance standards and evaluates work performance of cadets.  Serve as the government approval authority for the Army JROTC MPA and OMA budgets.  Plans, directs and develops training materials. Provides analytical services, advises the staff, assists, and maintains good relations with the US Army, Community leaders, school authority and coordinates all subordinate echelon/organizational levels that facilitate the effectiveness and efficiency of instructional training materials. Develops, design, and validate training materials essential to training development initiatives that support training and doctrine programs. Studies, analyzes, and develops ways to improve the accuracy, adequacy, timeliness, and validity of data for integrated implementation of appropriate materials into logistics publications.  As the Senior Army Instructor and Army Instructor; manage, teach, and have responsibilities of 100 cadets. Integrate work of the unit to ensure compatibility and consistency of interpretation, judgment, logic, and application of policy which consists of major work assignments, projects, and training development segments which affect significant internal and external programs and policies, recasting short- and long-range goals, changes in organizational structure, resourcing, and policy formulation.