Band Instruments 


    Find out how to be a Part of the Band!!

    Band at BES starts in 6th Grade. In the Spring, 5th Graders are contacted, shown the instruments and asked to Be Part of the Band!   You can click on the link above (Part of the Band) or you can contact me for more info.

    Email address: rsoutherland@duplinschools.net





    Ryan Southerland

    Beulaville Elementary Band Director





    Some quick FAQs:

    -Every student needs an instrument. School instruments are VERY limited and it is arguably less trouble and expense to rent a suitable instrument through the reputable and professional companies in the area. Music and Arts is one of the companies that supply a rental program that is the best possible, and arguably the least expensive and risk-free way to get your child an instrument.  

    -If you decide to purchase or acquire and instrument through online websites pawn shops, or other methods, please contact me before you purchase so I may help you decide if this is an acceptable instrument brand and model for the student.  

    -Band class is a year-long commitment, but aside from practicing your instrument, and a couple of concerts, everything will be included in the School Day.

    -Band students can participate in the band along with sports and other “after school” activities this year and for years to come!


    -6th graders may choose Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet, Flute, Alto Saxophone and Percussion 




Last Modified on August 11, 2021