Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Felicia Watkins

     My name is Felicia Watkins and I am the 6th grade Social Studies Teacher at Wallace Elementary School.   I was born and raised in Maple Hill, a little town close to Wallace.  I lived away for many years, but came back in 2007 to be with my mother who had cancer.  I still live in that community along with my family.  I graduated from Fayetteville State University with a BA in History with a Minor in Psychology, and went back to obtain a Teacher Licensure in Middle Grades Social Studies.  I am very involved in my community and in community activities.  I have a twin sister who is also a teacher, and we sit on several community boards that offer assistance to those in need in the county that we live in. Before becoming a teacher I worked in the Fiber Optic Industry for many years with Lucient Technology and Corning.  I decided in 2010 that I would enter into the teaching field and I haven't looked back since that time.   

      I believe that each teacher is afforded a great opportunity, to touch the life of each student that comes into their classroom.  Teachers are the cornerstones of the foundation of education. Our students' education and success in life will only be as strong as our support.  As a middle school teacher, I must develop critical thinking skills, facilitate structure and organization, be a pillar for diversity, and create positive relationships with all my students.  It has been my lifelong goal to empower and educate young people and I am very thrilled to have the opportunity to teach your child.  I will do my best to assure that my students obtain a knowledge of the history of our state, our country, and the world.  I will take the time to talk to each student individually, assess their particular need, and work hard to address those needs to ensure all students are successful in my class.  This year will be a leaning adventure for all!

     To my new students I look forward to getting to know you this year and to the parents I look forward to meeting you!


Felicia Watkins