Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in English with Honors (Austin College in Sherman, TX) Master of Arts in Teaching High School English (Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts)

Ms. Summer Roberts


I grew up in a military family and have moved everywhere from Hawaii to Nevada to England, but I am happy to be settled here at DECHS in Duplin County! I moved here from Hendersonville, NC, but I was born in Texas and did my undergrad degree there, and I got my master's degree in Massachusetts. I love reading and writing so much that I run a book club with my friends. 

I love teaching and I'm glad to have joined everyone in the Maverick family!  

I teach English I and English II. 

About the classes: 

Students in my class learn to study literature from the present day as well as from history. They learn about the use of rhetoric (persuasion) in ad videos and political speeches. They learn about the hero's journey and how we can see it in everything from The Odyssey, a story of adventure on the high seas created thousands of years ago, to Civil Rights activism in the 1960s, to their own lives. They read everything from poetry to plays, from humor to horror, and they learn about the power of spoken word poetry and emotive performance. Our class is about communication in the twenty-first century, and students will use technology, writing, speaking, and listening in order to express themselves and understand others. The class is also about valuing many voices: writers and speakers from all backgrounds are valued. 

I am excited to help students find and hone their voices so they can share their individual perspectives and experiences! 


Students in my class will need to join their Canvas course. Parents, if you would like to download an app to observe your student on Canvas, the instructions for that can be found here and here (in Spanish).