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Mr. David McClure

Hello everyone! As we transition through this difficult time you can check back here for info and links to educational opportunities. As always, you may contact me anytime via e-mail or remind.

Week of March 30- April 3

I have created two different tabs (7th and 8th grade) to display info and different Educational Opportunities. There is also a page for both 7th and 8th grade virtual tours and articles that you can check out. This week I am posting some articles about the Great Migration and Harlem Renaiisance for 8th grade and the Holocaust for 7th grade.


Week of April 6- April 9

Happy Monday everyone. This is a short week with Good Friday and Easter coming up. I'm sure everyone has great travel plans for Spring Break (ha!). For this week I have assigned a few more reading activitiies and practice assessments. 7th grade- continue reading and watching the videos for the WW2 chapter in the Discovery Ed book and complete the assessment I have assigned. 8th grade- Read the Discovery Ed chapter about the Roaring 20's and complete the assessment that I have assigned. Have a wonderful week and e-mail me any questions, comments or concerns. 

Week of April 20-24

I hope everyone had a great and productive Spring Break. There are a few Educational Opportunities this week for you to take part in. For the 7th grade class there is a chapter in the Discovery Education book on the Cold War that I have sent to each of you. When you log into your NC ED CLOUD account you will see it under Assignments in the Discovery Ed techbook. Keep in mind that these are not assignments, just opportunities. You may read on ahead and do all the activities if you wish. I will also link some of our Oversimplified videos for a refresher as well.

8th grade, there is a chapter on the Great Depression that I have sent to all of you as well and also links to the Oversimplified videos. There are also numerous short videos to watch as you move through the chapter so check those out as well. Check your e-mails throughout the week and please continue to e-mail me with questions.

Week of May 4-May 8

This week take a virtual tour of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in DC. They have a some amaazing exhibits and the virtual tour does a great job of presenting. Enjoy! Natural History Tour Hope everyone has a great week! I have also added some links by grade level so check the Useful Links section for those. There are also some new chapters to read for both grade levels so check your Discovery Ed accounts.


May 11-15

Educational opportunities for both 7th and 8th grade classes.

Take a virtual tour of Gettysburg National Military Park. Gettysburg Virtual Tour Site of the largest battle ever fought on American soil, let the rangers of the National Park Service give you a tour of the battlefield and sites. One of our country's most visited sites, it has never been this empty since before the battle in 1863. Take advantage.

Want something different to do? Check out this free computer game where you try to stop the spread of a disease. It's called the Great Flu and while it is not the Coronavirus it does give yiou an idea of how these things spread and what can be done to stop them. The Great Flu (you need flash enabled to play)

There are also some shows I would recommend if you are binging Netflix and need something new to watch. 

1. Turn- this is a great show and does a really good job of following events and real people during the American Revolution. While it may not be historically accurate, I think it's a fantastic show and probably the best one ever done about the American Revolution. 

2. Roman Empire- looks at Roman emperors and the Roman Empire.

3. Conspiracies- I know how much you love conspiracies. Instead of watching Youtube videos shot from someone's basement check out this show instead.

4. Greatest Events of WW2 in Color

5. Hitler: A career

6. The Vietnam War- more documentary than show it is still very good.