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B.S in History Minor in Biological Sciences

Mr. Everett Williams

"They succeed because they think they can." -Virgil



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Course Overview

For my Social Studies students: This course will enable the student to reach an understanding of the major trends and directions in North Carolina History from the precontact period through modern times. This course will help develop the student’s sense of historical perspective by narrating the story of the men, women, and events that shaped the state’s development.


I strive to make my classroom a stress free zone of knowledge exploration. I look forward to meeting you all(Even if it is virtual)!!! The one rule I have in my classroom is NO MEANNESS! We respect everyone!!! Follow that one rule and we will have a great time and awesome time this school year. PLEASE, if you need any help or advice feel free to contact me via email or after class. 


Fun History Facts:

The Roman Emperor Caligula made his beloved horse, Incitatus, a Consul(Senator) in the Roman Government.

George Washington was the sickest president in US History. He suffered from malaria, carbuncle, dysentery, small pox, diphtheria and some other diseases.

The largest president in American history, William Taft, got himself stuck in the White house bathtub and had to get help to get himself out.

 The Persian king Xerxes once marched his army to a sea in Greece to "whip" the water into submission after a storm wiped out half his army.