Teresa Dixon

    School Counselor  


    I truly enjoy my role in providing an outlet for students to express their thoughts, goals, and dreams as they relate to academic and social/emotional themes. As a parent and grandparent myself, I understand the importance of ensuring our children receive an equitable education while becoming a responsible, contributing adult in society. I am prepared to continue to assist with learning while being as flexible as possible in these unprecedented times for our families. I'll continue the connections that matter between teachers, students, family, and school as a whole, while here in Eagleland and beyond.
    What is a School Counselor? 

    Professional School Counselors are certified/licensed educators with a minimum of a master’s degree in school counseling making them uniquely qualified to address students’ cognitive, socio-emotional, and career development needs by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program. They also provide consultation, individual and group counseling, academic advisement. Also, they provide prevention, crisis intervention, conflict resolution, Career, and College Exposure.



    What can the School Counselor do for me?


    Individual Counseling—Students can meet individually with a counselor. Areas of concern are personal, social and academic. Students may self-refer, or be referred by a teacher, administrator, or parent.

    Academic/Behavioral Counseling—Counselors will meet with students who are failing courses to discuss ways to improve grades. Counselors also meet with students attending In-School Suspension to discuss behavior strategies to prevent further discipline issues.

    Classroom Guidance/Group Counseling—Counselors will provide classroom guidance or small group counseling when there is a group need. Topics covered may include bullying, conflict resolution, Organizational and Study skills, etc.



    Vision Statement:

    The vision of the Rose Hill-Magnolia Elementary School Counseling Department is to collaborate with all stakeholders, including parents, educators, administrators, and community members, to strengthen students' abilities for developing globally competitive skills and become lifelong learners. The school counseling program will also include advocating for students' academic achievement as they develop leadership skills, career awareness,  and insight for higher education.




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    Please feel free to give me a call should you have any questions, concerns or ideas @ 910-289-3667








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