• Hello Parents and Students:                                                                                     

    Right now, we are all going through critical times with Covid 19.  As Eagles, we must soar high into the clouds, support each other, and stay strong. We must follow guidelines, as we always do while in school, with this being no different.  This is a challenge that none of us have ever witnessed; however, we can survive if we work together.  My darling angels, I have missed all of you and have said many times, I wish we were back in school (you all know that I never miss unless I am very ill). This is the time for you to enjoy your mom, dad, or legal guardian, brother(s) and/or sister(s) and other family members, to just love on them, all you can. With that being said, "Now and then it is good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy." Guillaume Apollinaire   So, my darling angels, Be happy, Stay at Home and Be Safe. 

    Until we meet each other face to face again, LUV YOU ALL!   

    Remember,"Together We Shine."


    Parent Check Ins

    Parent, please go to the indicated Link below to complete the Parent Check In form.  I need this form completed no later than 04.18.20,  you only need to check the required boxes.  After completion, please submit.   Parent Check In


    For an update on assignments:   Go to J. McCullen's Home Learning Activities: Covid 19 and google classroom for 7th grade.


    Parents and Students:  The school year has come to an end.  Thank you parents for allowing me the opportunity to teach your child Math and Science.  This year was a different year for all of us, but we made it.  As you engage in your summer activities, please don't forget the three"W's."  1) WEAR A MASK,   2) WASH YOUR HANDS, and   3) WAIT 6 FT. APART.  Please stay safe and I hope to see all of my darling angels when schools starts back!!  Luv you ALL!

    J. McCullen

  • My name is Joan McCullen.  I am excited to have the opportunity to work with your child this school year.  I will be teaching your child 7th grade Math and Science. I have a Batchelor of Science Degree from East Carolina University.   My areas of Concentration are:  Math, Science, Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies.  I have taught math in Duplin County Schools for over thirty-six years.  I have very high expectations and standards that I express to all of my students each day.  I am committed to helping your child achieve greatness in Math and Science. My motto is "Together We Can Shine."

    My Contact:  jmccullen@duplinschools.net

    phone number:  910.290.0268


Ms. McCullen