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    I am from New York, but spent most of my childhood years in South Carolina. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Spanish Literature and Psychology from the University of South Carolina Beaufort.

    I am so excited for my position as the ESL teacher for kindergarten and first grade. Being a young student in a big school is likely to be scary to anyone. That fear is quickly increased when so many people are speaking a language other than the one most familiar to you.

    My goal in working with your child is to get him or her to easily and quickly understand English spoken to them, to be able to speak it back with fluency, and to feel confident reading and writing in English.

    My class isn't just for the student who doesn't speak a word of English; it's for the student who knows that practice makes perfect. Through fun, interactive learning activities, and socializing, your child will gain the skills needed to succeed in school and in life.

    Looking forward to teaching your child,


    Johnnie Douglas

    (919) 289-3667