• Curriculum Innovation
  • Tarla Smith

    Chief of Staff for Innovation


    Nicole Murray

    Senior Administrator for STEAMA Curriculum and Instruction/PD


    Kristen W. Hall

    Special Advisor for K-5 Curriculum Support and Digital Learning


    Pamela Murray
    Special Advisor for Educational Equity and 6-8 Curriculum


    Erica Jones
    Senior CTE Instructional Management/Guidance Coordinator


    Addie Hall

    Administrative Assistant for Curriculum Innovation


    Michell Rowlands

    Office Manager


  • The Curriculum Innovation Department's role is to support Duplin County Schools' vision to become an exemplary school system where all students and staff excel in a globally competitive society.  The Curriculum Innovation Department provides the provision of resources, curriculum support, "best practice" instructional strategies, formative and summative assessment and professional development.

    K-8 Curriculum & High School Curriculum - The Curriculum Innovation Department is served by a Chief of Staff for Curriculum Innovation, Special Advisor for K-8 Curriculum Support and Digital Learning, and a Senior Administrator for STEAMA Curriculum and Instruction/PD. These directors are responsible for coordinating with other specialty areas such as Federal Programs, Career and Technical Education, Technology, and Exceptional Children's Programs.

    Academically/Intellectually Gifted Program - The AIG program supports the education of K-12 students with unique academic gifts. Support is provided through programs at the student's home school. The Academically/Intellectually Gifted Program is coordinated by the Special Advisor for K-8 Curriculum Support and Digital Learning.

    Exceptional Children's, Global, Cultural Arts and Health & Physical Education Department - The Office of Exceptional Children provides support for students identified with a specific disability. Services include assistance with the evaluation process, eligibility requirements, compliance of State and Federal procedures, modification of curriculum, teacher support and training, as well as the monitoring of student and parental rights.

    Academic and Behavior Support - Duplin County Schools uses a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) to provide academic and behavior support to schools. We provide interventions and support that can be adjusted depending on a student’s progress. By focusing on academics, attendance, and behavior we strive to grow the "Whole Child."

    Career and Technical Education Department - Career and Technical Education Department provides programs that allow students to explore a variety of career pathways that support the districts STEAMA initiative.

    Digital Learning & Media Department - The Digital Learning & Media Department provides leadership in creating lifelong learners and responsible citizens through the love of reading, inquiry-based learning and collaborative teaching in a digitally connected world.

    Federal Programs Department - The Office of Federal Programs provides oversight and support for areas such as Title I, Title I Parent Involvement, Migrant Education, and English as a Second Language. The Federal Programs Department also provide targeted assistance for at-risk populations through its various programs, supplies, and human resources support.

    Accountability/Improvement Systems Department - The Accountability/Improvement Systems Department provides support of the district’s vision and mission by assisting district and school staff on state/federal accountability components and continuous improvement efforts.

Last Modified on January 6, 2021