• Duplin County Schools Code of Conduct

    Duplin County Schools Board Policy

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    Attendance Policy

    Any absences that are unexcused (over 5 days) can be made up after school during the semester if approved throught the Appeals Procedures.  Unexcused absences not made up will result in failing the course. 

     Cafeteria Policy

    Students are not allowed to have lunch brought to them or to leave campus for lunch during the school day, as this is in violation of the federal school lunch program regulations.

    Campus Visitors

    Appointments must be made prior to visiting campus. No student shall bring guests on the campus during instructional time.  

    Cell Phones
    ALL students will be required to place cell phones in a designated area provided by the teacher during each class period (which will include ISS and other non-instructional settings). Cell phones may ONLY be removed from this designated area with teacher permission and at the end of class.  Students are not allowed to use cell phones in the main office. Students referred to the office will have phones stored in the main office until the student has returned to the classroom. 

     Checking out of School

    Students should bring a signed note with parent/guardian phone number to the office no later than 9:30 a.m. Phone calls and emails will not be accepted for early dismissal. If it is an emergency, a parent will be required to come and sign the student out of school. No student will be called out of class after 2:30.

    Dress Code Policy

    Duplin County Schools prohibits any dress that will be disruptive to the educational environment and may be a hazard to the health, safety, and well-being of its students.  Any clothing or accessories that depicts gang-related activities or displays words or promote the use of these products or which are profane, obscene, or sexually suggestive are strictly prohibited.  Appropriate attire must be consistent with the policy.

    Hall Passes

    All students must obtain a hall pass or note written by the teacher prior to leaving a classroom.  

    Loading and Unloading Students

    Students should be loaded and unloaded by parents in the circle drive at the cafeteria entrance before and after school.  Safety requires that you do not unload a student in the teacher’s parking lot. 

     Student Parking

    Only students who have been approved and have purchased a parking hanger for (a nonrefundable) $40.00 may drive cars on campus.  Parking without a school issued hanger WILL result in a parking violation of $5.00 per event and/or towing at the owner’s expense.   DRIVING IS A PRIVILEGE. .

    Tardy Policy

    Tardiness occurs when a student is not in the classroom in his/her seat when the bell finishes ringing. 

    If you would like a printed copy, email Ms. Whaley at lowhaley@duplinschools.net