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M.A.Ed Special Education B.A. Special Education, General Curriculum

Mrs. Bailey Riley


Dear Summer Learners and Parents, 

Welcome to Summer Learning Camp! I am so excited to learn and grow with you over the next ten days! My name is Bailey Riley (Mrs. Riley). I have been teaching for a total of five years, and will be starting my sixth year of teaching at Rose Hill - Magnolia this fall. I have been a part of the Eagle family for the past two years. 

This is a new virtual learning adventure for us all! I have made it my personal goal for the Summer Learning Camp to be as clear in my instructions for assignments and live learning opportunities as possible. If I am not being clear enough please let me know and I will strive to do better. 

We will be using a variety of resources in both reading and math. You should have received a resource page with your students username and password for all the resources we will be using during the camp. I also have a copy of your child’s username and passwords for these resources so do not hesitate to contact me if you lost your resource page and need another copy. 

I will use Google Classroom as my virtual instructional platform during this time. Google Classroom is a great resource because your student already has his/her own Google Email (GMail) account. This is the primary way that your student will communicate with me. The link to Google Classroom can be found on the bottom of this page. After following the link, click the plus sign. Then click join class and insert the class code also included in the chart.  The link can also be found on my Rose Hill - Magnolia Elementary School teacher webpage. Your child will also receive an invitation to join my class via his/her email and you will follow the same procedure. All daily assignments will be posted by 8:00 am. There will also be a chart for you to follow along with daily assignments if you get behind or your student needs to miss a day of Learning Camp. 

Attendance will be taken daily through the use of a daily question posted on Google Classroom. This will be a simple question (ie favorite color, favorite ice cream flavor etc). It is important that your student checks Google Classroom daily and answers the daily question so that he/she can be marked as present. 

I will be utilizing Google Meet, which is a live video lesson feed. Using this resource I will be able to interact with your students directly.  I will schedule all Google Meet sessions at least 24 hours in advance. Some live lessons will be in the morning and some will be in the afternoon, however you will know at least 24 hours ahead of time when those will occur. Live lessons will last no more than 25 minutes. 

Below you will find my office hours. Office hours are designed as a time for you as parents to contact me. I will be available during those times to respond to any concerns you may have, answer any assignment questions, or to discuss your child’s progress. My contact information, as well as information on how to contact the school is found below. Office hours are held in two hour long increments, and I varied the times to accommodate different work hours. As I stated before I will strive to keep my communication as clear as possible during this time, if I am not please let me know so that I can do a better job of communicating with you during these new virtual learning opportunities. 

I look forward to helping your student learn this summer. In reading, math, social and emotional skills, as well as learning to use virtual tools I know we will learn and grow together so much! Our instructional days begin on July 16th, and will last until July 29th. Thank you for your time and attendance in the Summer Learning Program! 


Mrs. Riley- 4th Grade Summer Learning Program Teacher 


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