Degrees and Certifications:

- B.S. in Chemistry East Tennessee State University (2011) - B.S. in Microbiology East Tennessee State University (2011) - M.D. Quillen College of Medicine (2015)

Mr. Jeremy Lee Wilder

     Hi everyone! My name is Mr. Wilder and I am a science teacher here at James Kenan High School. The main course I teach is chemistry, but some of your kids may have me for another science course as well. I also serve as the JV Girls basketball coach here as well.

     Growing up in Fletcher, NC, I have always loved science. I moved to Tennssee for college, where I have 2 degrees from East Tennessee State University, one being in chemistry, the other in microbiology. After college I chose to pursue a medical degree at Quillen College of Medicine, in Johnson City Tennessee. I practiced pediatric medicine in Morgantown, WV for 3 years afterwards. After this time, I decided that I needed a change of pace in my life. Becaused I loved continuing education as a physician, I decided to pursue a career as an educator. This is the journey that led me to teaching your child here in Duplin County.

     I have a unique teaching style. While I do have very high standards, even compared to some of my collegues here at JKHS, I do try my best to build and foster relationships with all of my students. By doing so, I hope to help myself excel as a teacher, but most importantly, to help your child excel as a student and young adult. If you have any questions about my classes, your child, or their performance, feel free to contact me via email. With your support I hope that we can assist your child excel in any class here at JKHS!