Mrs. George

    Dear Class of 2024, 

     Welcome!   I am so delighted to be teaching you this year in 8th grade English Language Arts. I have a motherly love for children and I look forward to getting to know all of you this year as an addition to my family. I have one classroom rule and it can be summed up in one word:  RESPECT. What does this look like?

    • Respect yourself by making sure that you are on time for class so you won’t miss out on any learning.
    • Show how smart you are by making sure that your work is completed to the best of your ability and turned in on time.
    • Demonstrate personal integrity by doing your own work.
    • Make sure that your speech is appropriate for school because it demonstrates your level of intelligence.
    • Respect others by allowing them to focus on the teacher and their learning- not you.
    • Respect others by sharing positive comments about them.
    • Clean up after yourself so you won’t create extra work for other people.
    • Value the property of others the way that you would want them to value yours.


    There are consequences for disrespect (inappropriate behavior).

    • Verbal warning.
    • Loss of Classroom Privilege / Intervention**
    • Bounce Out  ( to another classroom - Parent Contact)
    • Parent Contact
    • Office Referral   


    **Classroom Interventions :  Positive Time Out , Differentiated Seating, One on One Conferencing


     We have a lot to do to prepare for your end of year state exam which will cover the following: Reading Standards for Literature (RL.8) and Informational Text (RI.8), Writing Standard (W.8), Speaking and Listening (SL.8) and Language (L.8).  We will utilize hard copy and online resources to prepare you for this exam.  Moreover, many of our topics will be presented by you to fulfill our Speaking and Listening component.


    Bring something to read with you every day along with pen/ pencil and notebook. Homework will be online as much as possible and I will send home hard copies for those who do not have internet access at home.   During class we will create interactive notebooks that you may use as a review and to help you with your online homework.



    • Parents and students must sign up at REMIND .com.  ( I will send and receive messages from you in this format.) Text @mrsmgeorge to the number 81010.
    • Students must read at home every day.
    • Students must show evidence from all text to justify their answers to reading comprehension questions.


    There are a number of online resources we will be utilizing as you take responsibility for your own learning.  The first thing that you will need to do is to create your student email accounts. Email me at   The second thing that you will need to do is to make sure that you give me your parents’/ guardians’ cell phone numbers so that they may be sent group text messages to remind you of important school and class events. I use the REMIND application to this end.  

    We use a 10 point grading scale at  Rose Hill Magnolia Elementary School.  We will read, write, talk and think every day.   This is my daily class schedule and grading policy:

    Daily Schedule

    • Homework Review
    • Daily  Vocabulary or Language Review
    • Daily Fiction and Nonfiction Reading / Group-work
    • Daily Writing 
    • Tidy desk area / Write down Homework from the Whiteboard
    • Dismissal

    Grading Scale:

    • A              100 – 90
    • B              89 - 80
    • C              79-70
    • D              69- 60
    • F              50 and below

    Grading Policy:

    • Tests – 40 %
    • Quizzes – 30%
    • Homework – 10%
    • Class work – 20%                                                                

    At different points in the school year, will use a number of online formats for your homework and classwork.  Most are formatted to be accessed from your mobile devices as well as tablets and computers.  You will create accounts at for fiction and poetry writing.  In addition to using and StudyIsland, you will complete activities at  and to improve your written and spoken English and use for journaling. We will use and  for vocabulary review.   We will also utilize for review. From time to time, we may use your cellphones during class to access these sites so that you may complete your assessments.  

    You will be required to provide evidence from the text in order to get credit for your answers to reading comprehension questions.  Write down specifically what the author says in the text as an explanation of your answer. This is how we “show our work” in Language Arts.  

    You may reach me by email at and by phone at 910-289-3667.

    Grace and peace,

     Mrs. George

     Mrs. Marcia George

Last Modified on August 28, 2019